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The aim of "The Burned Witches" is to drive you into the nimbus of the NooSphere and work for happiness....

The music of The Burned Witches is so powerful that it could split mountains in half or send the moon to another galaxy. But the goal of the band is to make dance dolphins and ladybugs.

The Burned Witches' music style is ranged from folk through to spacey, psychedelic times and heavy Rock'n Roll. The lyrics are engaged and with a poetic visions of the world...

The Burned Witches (TBW for short) is composed of Stil on drums and Oli on guitar and vocals.

Stil was born in a cabbage closed up to tomato farm of old father Dudu. Soon he began to hit rocks and trunks in the garden. His rhythms begin to resonate throughout the valley. His parents didn't know what to do, they thought that he was considering himself as a Woodpecker. So they sent him to the doctor. But nothing has changed and now he continues to hit the drums for The Burned Witches.

Oli was brought by a stork, nothing unusual so far. Just that he was a little clumsy and fell from the nest on the head of a passing troubadour. After that, he started to scratch everything that has strings on it and jabber melodic stuff in the aim of peace. We thought he was suffering from guitarocriezomie 69 but we're still in doubt.

And for sure, nothing destined these trio to meet but through twisted fate, they came, played together and created these Rock'N Roll sounds.

These 3 Marmosets find their influences in bands such as Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Nirvana, Iggy Pop, the Ramones, Starshooter, Telephone, Trust, Elvis Presley, The Clash, Kings'X, Kyuss, Glowsun, Thank86, Jerry Yell, Heyoka, Colour Haze, Vista Chino, Dozer ...

The band began in the late 2011, and then picked up in August 2013. Musicians who have left their mark on band were: Thomas Malecki, Bruno Valentin, Cedric Peyrot, Christian Trouvé, Michel Maussire.