Rock'N Roll is here to stay
And will never die
Peace, Love
And Rock'N Roll
Turn, turn, turn turn
We will see the light


TBW aka "Three Birds Whisper"' music style is ranged from folk through to spacey, psychedelic times and heavy Rock'n Roll colored with saturated vibrations. The lyrics are engaged and with a poetic visions of the world...
The original creations of TBW are influenced by musics like those of Nirvana, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Kyuss or The Clash but also music from everywhere like Siklawa, Idir, Camaron de la Isla, Salif Keita, Victor Tsoi...

And in the mind by all those who work for peace and love.

They play also somes covers.

The aim of "TBW" is to drive you into the nimbus of the NooSphere and work for justice and happiness....

TBW dreams to change the world with his music and create a humanity more empathetic, more respectful, more gentle. A humanity that would observe nature to create as it does without destroying it. A humanity that would take care of its children as the best of mothers or the best of fathers. A humanity that would do its best to take care of everything around it. A humanity that would be a great family, happy and united. A humanity where power and money would only work for the common good ...

TBW is composed of Stil on drums, Yula on piano and Oli on guitar and vocals.

Based in Beaune (21) France, the band began in the late 2011, and then picked up in August 2013. Musicians who have left their mark on the band were: Thomas Malecki, Bruno Valentin, Cedric Peyrot, Christian Trouvé, Michel Maussire, Ary Chotkan.